Covid 19 Protocols

Covid 19 Protocols for SCIF 2021

  1. All volunteers, staff, and guests will be required to be masked at all times inside of the theater. The guest exception will be if the guest is actively enjoying refreshments from our concession area. The performer exception will be while on stage or in back stage areas. We will use enhanced cleanings between groups in the backstage area. We have masks available for free for patrons that we will be happy to provide at the door.
  2. Admission to the Secret City Improv Festival will require presentation of either a negative Covid 19 test (result dated September 21, 2021 or later), or if a Covid-19 vaccination card is presented. We will present each person with a wristband they will be required to wear at the event.
  3. We will have souvenir paper tickets for all guests. The back of the tickets have our rules printed on them. We reserve the right to ask people not following our mask rules to leave, and will be enforcing that during the festival.
  4. All concessions will be prepackaged or in disposable bottles. Concession staff will be wearing gloves per health code standards.
  5. Multiple hand sanitizer stations will be positioned around the theater, lobby and backstage for everyone to use.
  6. We will be utilizing enhanced cleaning techniques. During intermissions we will request that the audience exit to outside or the lobby so that we can do quick sanitizing in the theater. We will also be doing the same enhanced cleaning between shows. This will be done in all areas of the theater actively through the prior, during and after all performances.  We have consulted with a cleaning company to develop our solution that has been shown as highly effective and is used widely in multiple venues.
  7. We will be utilizing a seating chart with one row spacing between seating areas. We will also have sections for general audience, sponsors, and performers. We will be seating groups together, but will utilize a 2 seat drop between groups in rows.
  8. Line queuing and paths of travel will be established for concessions, merchandise, restrooms, etc. to allow for proper social distancing and one-directional traffic, whenever possible.


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