Impromptu Improv

Troupe Name

Impromptu Improv


Sarasota, FL

What type of improv do you do? 


Where can people find out about your troupe? (Website/Social Media/Youtube/ETC) 



How long has your troupe been performing?

Four years

Who are your members?

Joe Rinaldi, Kathleen Rinaldi, Teresa Bueno

Tell us a little about your show

Impromptu specializes in creating unscripted plays set during the post-WWII era (1940s-50s). Whether it’s a tribute to Tennessee Williams or William Inge, or the thrill of Passion Noir, you’ll see the actors develop characters, plot, story and action – all without a script or a rehearsal! It’s the first and last time you’ll ever see this production!!

Tell us about improv from your perspective

Improv, at its very best, is a completely free way to explore humor, passion, drama and relationships without the confines of a script and planned staging. It’s the very act of discovering the next line or action that makes it exciting to watch and to do. You never know at the start of a scene how it will end!

How can someone learn about improv?

Find a company or a school in your area. If not, grab a few friends, Google or read about improv exercises from experts in the field, and explore.

If the show is made up as you go, how do you know when to speak, enter a scene, or exit a scene?

Practice. How do you learn anything without making mistakes along the way? Beyond that, it’s a case of listening intently. Improv requires your total concentration, whether onstage or off, waiting and listening for that moment when it feels “right” to enter or exit or create something new.

Does the audience help you move along, expand, or end a scene?

For us, where the intent is not to hear a laugh and move on to the next scene, the audience is mainly a barometer of whether a scene is working or not. We live for those moments when the audience responds to what is happening onstage or when there is complete silence because they’re completely captivated. Other than that, only those onstage, caught up in the scene, know the moments of expansion or completion.

Any final thoughts for someone who may be watching their first improv show tonight?

Throw away your expectations. Enjoy the show. The improvisers onstage are enjoying this as much as you are, and we welcome your laughs and sighs and even a tear, if it fits.