Improv Chattanooga

Improv Chattanooga

Chattanooga, TN

Type of Improv:

How long has your troupe been performing? 
Since 2015 (or 1995 if you go through all the previous incarnations)

Who is on your team?
Currently slated to attend the SCIF are Shellyta A. Chatman, Beth Long, Berry Carroll, David Miller Sarton, Mac Dyer, Steven Disbrow and Ewan Henderson. (Ewan is from Scotland and might not make it, due to ever-changing travel restrictions related to COVID. But, we’re hoping he can be there.)

Describe your show:
Improv Chattanooga has been active (in one form or another) since 1995, bringing laughs to the TN Valley. Currently operating out of Barking Legs Theater, we perform live one night a month with the occasional Online Show to keep things interesting.

The show we’ll be doing is “1-Star Reviews”. The idea behind “1 Star Reviews,” is pretty simple.

Go to your favorite review site, and find a 1 or 2 Star Review of a local Chattanooga establishment. Then, print it out, and bring it to the show with you. We’ll throw it into a box, and then pick out several reviews at random. We’ll read these reviews and use them as the basis for a series of improvised scenes.

Simple, brutal and hilarious.

Where can people find out about your troupe? (Website/Social Media/Youtube/ETC)
Tell us about improv from your perspective
We focus on story-telling rather than “laughs at any cost.” We’re firm believers that, if you tell a story well, while following the rules of Improv, the laughs will come.
How can someone learn about improv?
Take a class! Or, check out the book that our co-founder, Steve Disbrow wrote, “Improv: Your Key to the Multiverse.” It’s a short, 24-page booklet that tells you everything you need to know to start improvising. (It’s available at our website, improvchattanooga.com)
Does the audience help you move along, expand, or end a scene?
We’ll ask that the audience print out and bring 1-Star Reviews for us to use. They can also e-mail them in advance to info@improvchattanooga.com