Playback Reloaded

Troupe Name
Playback Reloaded

Knoxville, TN

What type of improv do you do?
Playback Theater

How long has your troupe been performing?
Publicly, since 2018 (prior to 2018 we’re private shows)

Who are your members?
Aaron Campbell, Stavros Keritsis, Michelle Castleberry, Glory Ledbetter, Stan Reinholz, Janet Reinholz

Tell us a little about your show
Playback Reloaded. Playback is a form of improv involving getting stories from the audience and reenacting those stories in a theatrical improvised medium, and these stories can be any story.

Tell us about improv from your perspective
Come and see an improv show

How can someone learn about improv?

If the show is made up as you go, how do you know when to speak, enter a scene, or exit a scene?
Listen and work together as a team, be willing to be open to any queues received

Does the audience help you move along, expand, or end a scene?
Yes and no. Scenes are good to cut off after enough time has elapsed, a crescendo is uprooted and the audience laughs in response. Otherwise, it’s a team’s job to keep things going until then.

Any final thoughts for someone who may be watching their first improv show tonight?
Just have fun.