2023 Performance Schedule

Friday, October 6, 2023

7:00 PM

9:00 PM

11:00 PM

Dylan Rohde

Mick & Tony
Mable's Baby
Tom & Josh

Bikini Atoll
Nick Condon


Improv Company

Improv Chattanooga

Danger Junior


Fate Decides
Slayden Cup Tournament

Saturday, October 6, 2023

3:00 PM

5:00 PM

7:00 PM

The Maybe Pile
Newt Work
The Rock Opera

Slayden Intensives
High School Showcase

Playback Reloaded
Louie Yes Anderson
Einstein Simplified

8:45 PM

10:30 PM

Blue Plate Special
T.J. Mannix
Magical Lying Hour

Broken Pencil

Vibe Check
Yearbook Committee
The Jam