Tomorrowquest Theater

Troupe Name 

Tomorrowquest Theatre
Columbia, SC
What type of improv do you do? 
Where can people find out about your troupe? (Website/Social Media/Youtube/ETC) 



How long has your troupe been performing?

7 years

Who are your members?

Topher Riddle, Patrick Fowler, Christian Williams, Joe Coughlin

Tell us a little about your show

Our monthly show is a comedy variety show featuring original sketches, improv (long and short form), stand up, music, and audience participation games for prizes.

Tell us about improv from your perspective

Improv is magic. To start from nothing, a completely blank slate and create a scene that didn’t exist a few moments ago and won’t happen again. And doing your best to make each other look good and be a team working toward a common goal. It’s exhilarating.

How can someone learn about improv?

There are lots of books on the subject. I’d also recommend watching improv as much as possible to get a better feel for it, either live shows or there are some good videos on youtube and even things like Whose Line is it Anyway? Try to find a nearby group and join them for practices or lessons.

If the show is made up as you go, how do you know when to speak, enter a scene, or exit a scene?

You get a feel for it, especially if the group has been together a while. You start to learn each other’s styles and rhythms and it becomes more natural to know when to do all those things.

Does the audience help you move along, expand, or end a scene?

Yes, all of the above. Audience reaction can help guide our scenes. We try to pay attention to what they respond to. It help us know if we’re entertaining them. It also helps us know when we’ve hit a big high note which would be a good time to end the scene.

Any final thoughts for someone who may be watching their first improv show tonight?

Please feel comfortable calling out suggestions. Please understand that making this stuff up on the spot is hard. Please have as much fun as possible.