SCIF Saturday Workshops

All workshops are paid in cash to instructor. Each workshop is $20. ($25 on card)

8:30 AM

Lights! Cameras! Improv!

Steven Disbrow

In this workshop, you'll learn the basics of the "Movie" Long Form. We’ll start with a general overview of the format, and then take a deep dive into the particulars that make it stand out as one of the most fun Long Forms you can perform in. Then, we'll spend the last 45 minutes or so of the class actually putting it all into action to create a Movie of our own!

This workshop will be taught by Steven "Diz" Disbrow of Improv Chattanooga. Over the years, Improv Chattanooga has performed almost 100 different Movie shows for audiences both in person and online. So, at the end of the workshop, you'll have everything you need to take this format back to your theater to to wow your home audiences with!

Workshop Starts at 8:30am and will last 1.5 hours. While not required, it’s recommended that players have at least 1 year of other Long Form Experience.

10:00 AM

Release the Beast Within: Musical Improv

Faustino Solis III

Whether you've never done it before or are a seasoned veteran or somewhere in between, music is a part of ourselves and our identity, and musical improv is really just another extension of our ourselves extended through our improv. Learn about how we can use what we already feel and know to help us get through musical improv: choruses, verses, choreography, everything. It’s been inside of you all along, so why not just allow yourself to let it out?

11:30 AM

Just Do It!

Josh Warren

Join Josh Warren for a fun explosive workshop of scene work and side support! Just Do It will throw you into the fray. The workshop is designed to pull you out of your shell, turn up to 11 and learn how to scale down!

11:30 AM

Crash Course

Steven Disbrow

Learn The Basics of Improv, in Just 2 Hours!

Due to the immutable laws of time and space, it's impossible to hold a full 8-week improv class during a weekend festival. So, we've come up with the next best thing: the Improv Crash Course!

During this 2-hour session, you'll learn the rules of Improv and get up on stage to play with the other students in the class. By the end of it, you'll know all the basics, and be ready to jump into a full class from your local theater after you return home. Plus, you'll get a copy of the book, "Improv: Your Key to the Multiverse," written by the instructor, Steven Disbrow!

Best of all, the cost is just $25!

Workshop will be taught by Steven Disbrow of Improv Chattanooga

1:45 PM

It's All in How You Say It!

Chris Barry and Richard Paul

It’s All In How You Say It! - Context Outweighs Content – Take a workshop where WHAT you say counts less than HOW you say it. Emotions drive scenes and allow audiences to relate to our characters. If you want to get to the fun part of the scene faster, connect with your scene partners and the audience quicker and create memorable moments on stage, this is the workshop for you. After this session, you will be having more fun with HOW you say it too!

3:15 PM

Let's Keep This Brief

Frank Murphy

Tips and tricks for doing short-form improv shows


Full Day of 5 Classes

You have the option to take 5 of the classes for the weekend for $125 plus taxes and fees.