SCIF Safety Protocols and Festival Update

What is our plan to try to hold a fun and safe Secret City Improv Festival for 2020? We have had our eyes and ears open to what is happening among theaters in places around the world. A list of safety protocols has been developed and as further refinement is needed we will modify our safety plans.

First off we are going to be safe. We will be separating the performers and the public into two sections for festival seating. As the theater is rather large there is plenty of space to keep everyone safe and comfortable. We will release a seating chart around the time we announce the lineup and ticket prices. Social distancing will be in effect.

This also means that we will have a strict policy towards face masks. As it will be in the best interest of everyone, all staff, guests, and attendees must have a mask on while in the audience and in the lobby. Performers on stage will be allowed to perform without a mask.

Hand sanitizer stations will be widely available at multiple locations in the lobby and in the theater.

Seat sanitation will also be important. So prior to every show and during intermission, each seat will receive a disinfectant wiping and spray. This will mean that the original plan for mini jams during intermission will be delayed until 2021 to allow our team to do sanitation duties.

At this time the Secret City Improv Festival and The Grove Theater are exploring other options to keep everyone safe during the festival. Further protocols will be announced as they are finalized.

Concessions will be available, and considering what is being done at other venues we will only have prepackaged snacks and bottled drinks available.

We have modified the layout of the festival for 2020. First, we have decided to limit our group acceptance from 15 to 12. This will eliminate the 6 PM show on Saturday, October 10. As mentioned the intermission jam sessions have been canceled. However, a special jam session, only open to performers and their guests, will take the place of that original show block. We will announce the format closer to festival time.

Limited ticketing will be available for the public. We will announce all of those plans in August. However, we will be live streaming the festival on multiple platforms. Those will be announced as soon as we have all of the final details. Also, each troupe will still receive their performances taped for their use.

Workshops are still planned for this festival and as still scheduled for October 10th. Each workshop will only have space for 14 students plus the instructor. We strongly encourage pre-registering for the workshops as we can not guarantee there will be open spots to join a workshop at the festival.

Unless something changes our plan is to hold the 2020 Secret City Improv Festival. Our plan is to hold a safe and fun festival and to lay a foundation for future festivals in 2021 and beyond.

Troupe and workshop submissions are open until August 9, 2020. Get your submissions in today.