Travel Information

What venue(s) will be a part of the festival?

The Historic Grove Theater is the host theater for the Secret City Improv Festival. Check them out at

What lodging options are available?

Host hotels will be announced soon.

What transportation options are available?

Uber and Lyft are readily available for performers. Cab services are also available. If a limo service is required then we would suggest using Jaco Limo.

What dining options are available? has a much better list, but we do recommend a few places.

1. Magic Wok – Super small dive, but wonderful. The eggrolls alone are a meal to themselves.
2. I Heart Sushi – Another delicious place to grab some of your favorite rolls.
3. Golden Oak – If you like Chinese food and lots of it then this is your place.
4. The Original Soup Kitchen – Unlike a famous Seinfeld episode…there is soup for you. Also, get a grilled cheese.
5. The Other One – It is pretty close to our host venue, and is just the diner of your dreams. Try the burgers they are to die for.

What local events or attractions are available?

Check out for a good rundown of the things to do in the area. Here are a few suggestions.

1. American Museum of Science and Energy
2. The Friendship Bell
3. Museum of Appalachia
4. Brushy Moutain State Prison – don’t worry there are no inmates, but there is a brewery.
5. Norris Dam State Park

Festival Information

How much stage time will performers receive?

Each troupe will receive equal time in each block. There will also be small mini jams during the intermissions.

What is the range of shows and styles the festival is seeking?

We want to see everything from Shortform, Longform and Playback. We want to see what unique flair your troupe can bring to our stage.

What is the local improv scene like?

The local improv scene is quite vibrant and has been active with many groups for over 25 years. We have teams in the local high schools, universities and teams that perform regularly throughout the area.

What are the festival’s goals?

We look to continue the tradition of our sister festival in creating great networking opportunities for performers and allowing for good growth opportunities through interesting workshops.

What unique improv experiences will performers gain?

We will be offering workshops and plenty of opportunities for social interaction between the performers.