Explore Oak Ridge becomes an official sponsor of SCIF 2020

For Immediate Release July 3, 2020 Explore Oak Ridge becomes an official sponsor of the 2020 Secret City Improv Festival We are incredibly proud to announce Explore Oak Ridge as an official sponsor for the 2020 Secret City Improv Festival. The fine folks at Explore Oak Ridge encourage you to visit Oak Ridge, Tennessee, “the … Read more

SCIF Safety Protocols and Festival Update

What is our plan to try to hold a fun and safe Secret City Improv Festival for 2020? We have had our eyes and ears open to what is happening among theaters in places around the world. A list of safety protocols has been developed and as further refinement is needed we will modify our … Read more

Submissions are open

If you would like to submit your troupe for the first Secret City Improv Festival, you can do that right now.  We have opened up the submissions section, and we look forward to having you join us this October. Click the link here!  

Covid-19 and the Secret City Improv Festival

I was told that if there is an elephant in the room, then you must address it. So the elephant in the room is the Covid-19 virus. Yes it is a thing, but right now we are still planning on holding the festival. Our policy is this…it is a wait and see kind of thing. … Read more