Festival Update July 4, 2021

Happy Independence Day everyone! 

It is the middle of summer.  The smell of the grills is in full effect.  Burgers, dogs, chicken, kids cheering and running around with 4000 degree fire sticks and things going boom!  That’s America on this weekend.  It is glorious! So I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. This week I want to remind everyone that time is drawing near.  Our deadlines are approaching and we are getting closer than ever to this festival.  I am excited beyond all words.  It has been really wonderful to have conversations with the troupes that have bee submitting, and the excitement is very growing.  I know I am ready and I hope you are too.  We can not wait to see you at The Grove Theater in 2 months and 20 days.  Now go enjoy the rest of the day!

The deadline for submissions to the secret City Improv Festival for first priority consideration is a couple of weeks away, July 16. So if you are thinking about submitting please do it as the deadline is approaching.  Yes, I am watching all of the videos that are being sent in.  So click here to go to go to our submission page. That goes for groups and solo performers. Here is a pro tip as far as something I do take into deep consideration, they submit a virtual performance performance video consideration or an actual stage performance. There is a very big difference and it does and it does matter. 

Yes I understand we are in a labor shortage but if you would like to volunteer to assist with the festival I can definitely use the help. Click here to go to the volunteer page. Remember we are all over the social media platforms. So give us a like, a follow, and a share please. Check them out by clicking herehere, and here. (Thats Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

We have a store of cool swag. So be the first to get your hands on official SCIF merch. Click here to check out our store. Seriously the shirts, hats, baby onesies, etc  are awesome, and you will get it in about a week on standard shipping.

If you just want to throw us a few bucks to help us bring forth a better experience for this festival then please by all means donate by clicking here. We will be sure to thank-you and show you some love.

We have plenty of room to promote your brand. So jump on with our festival just like our friends at Explore Oak Ridge and Transolutions. Click here to check out our sponsorship opportunities for SCIF 2021. Shoot us an email at sponsorship@secretcityimprovfest.com  to get that started.

That’s the update for this week. Peace and love to everyone!