Festival Update 6/26/21

 I would like to first say that I know it has been a few weeks since I have given any sort of Festival update. In the interest of disclosure there have been a few things that have held my attention elsewhere and I am very happy to report that things I have worked out very … Read more

Friday Festival Update 5/7/21

Happy Friday everyone!  It is a spectacularly gorgeous spring day here in East Tennessee.  The weather is warming up, and all looks great.  This is the type of weather we will have around the time of the Secret City Improv Festival.  It’s funny if you really think about it. The year is really a pyramid.  … Read more

Friday Festival Update 4/23/21

Happy Friday everyone. We are drawing even closer to the Secret City Improv Festival. Technically speaking we are 5 months out from this festival. I can tell you I am excited about this as we draw ever closer to it.  So this week my improv thought has been centered around the Oak Ridge High School … Read more

Friday Festival Update 4/16/2021

Happy Friday everyone. Today is April 16th, and it is beautiful Friday here in East Tennessee.  We are inching closer and closer to the 2021 Secret City Improv Festival.  As of today we are 161 days away from SCIF 2021. As this update is both a way for me to let everyone know what is … Read more

Friday Festival Update 4/9/21

Happy Friday everyone! I think it is safe to say that we are almost through the winter. Hopefully that can mean more than just the seasonal change.  As an improviser being hopeful is kind of part of the deal. The base of the philosophy of improv theater is to add and collaborate/contribute. That in and … Read more

Friday Festival Update 4/2/2021

As we enter the holiday weekend, may all of us at the Secret City Improv Festival, wish you and your family a nice Easter holiday. Happy Friday everyone!  Today marks the third week of these updates, and there are plenty more to come.  Today we are 175 days away from the festival.  Which is pretty … Read more

Friday Festival Update 3/26/21

Happy Friday to everyone, and a gosh darned fine day it is.  I hear that a lot around the office that I work at.  It makes me chuckle, so I pass that along to you.  So what is new around the horn for the the Secret City Improv Festival?  A few things actually.  First thing … Read more

Friday Festival Update 3/19/2021

Happy Friday everyone! Starting today and pretty much every Friday there will be some sort of what I am calling Festival Update Friday! We are 189 days away from Secret City Improv Fest 2021. It feels like this has been a year in the making…wait…it has been. This process began just about a year ago, … Read more