Friday Festival Update 3/19/2021

Happy Friday everyone! Starting today and pretty much every Friday there will be some sort of what I am calling Festival Update Friday! We are 189 days away from Secret City Improv Fest 2021. It feels like this has been a year in the making…wait…it has been. This process began just about a year ago, and while our original October date did not happen, we do feel confident that September will be happening. So a lot of project management is now actually under way. Seriously, this is not just a festival, but a totally an exercise in project management.
We made the news around with our announcement last week. We got coverage on WBIR TV in Knoxville, and in Newsbreak, Oak Ridge Today, The Oak Ridger and The Daily Advent. You can see the coverage by clicking the links. We are appreciative of the community reaching out to us, and we are very proud to bring this festival to a community that has a great appreciation for the stage.
Our submissions are open. As it is our philosophy, and was the philosophy of the Gatlinburg Improv Festival, we want you to be part of our festival. So we will continue to allow for all submissions to be free. You can hit the link here and submit right on our website. You can also jump over to The Improv Network here, and submit to be an instructor, or even as a solo performer. There is a tentative plan for solo performers at our festival, and that will be announced in the next few months.
We do have announcements that we will be making leading up to our festival. That includes how to buy tickets, where to stream, our lineups, workshops and most importantly what is going to happen during the festival.
Also be sure to keep a check on our website and our social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please make sure you give us a like or follow on each of those platforms.
I would also like to plug a couple of things. First, we do have swag for sale. So check out the store by clicking the link here or off the top of our page. Second, we can always use donations to help support what we are doing. There are expenses that go with the festival, and if you like what we are up to then please show us some love and a few bucks. We will be sure to thank-you, and will place your name on our Supporters page. Click the link here to visit our donations page. Also, if you want to have your company featured during our festival, then we won’t stop you, please take us up on one of our generous and affordable sponsorship packages. You can click the link here to go to our sponsorship page.
Well that is all for this week. Also, leave us a comment, say hello, and tell us something good that has happened to you this week. We all need some positivity in our lives. Especially if our brackets were busted on day 1 of the tournament.

Peace and love to all!