Friday Festival Update 3/26/21

Happy Friday to everyone, and a gosh darned fine day it is.  I hear that a lot around the office that I work at.  It makes me chuckle, so I pass that along to you.  So what is new around the horn for the the Secret City Improv Festival?  A few things actually.  First thing I want to bring up is we are now within 6 months of the festival officially.  So the clock is really on the countdown to get us to the stage.  The stage manager in me wants to yell out 182 days until the house opens.  

The second thing I want to announce is our official phone number.  You can give us a call or send us a text at (865) 236-0090.  That way you can interact with us a bit easier than just through social media or through our email.  Feel free to text us questions, concerns, or suggestions as we are all ears, and we want to make this festival as enjoyable as we can.

The third thing that is new this week; is that we have a new sponsor! We would like to say thanks for coming aboard to…

Transolutions and Logistics, LLC has signed on to help present the 2021 Secret City Improv Festival.  Transolutions is based in Alcoa, TN, and provides on demand courier, cargo transport and warehousing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Drivers and staff are available 24 hours a day for when needs arise. Just like a good player in improv, Transolutions, will say ‘yes and’ to your needs and will get you an effective solution. We thank them for their support, and to find out more about Transolutions, their services, and what they can do for you just click the link here to visit their website. 

What to expect in the coming weeks? As we begin to really put plans into motion, the 2021 Secret City Improv Festival will be adding new members to our team. These new members will be helping us bring you an even better experience. I look forward to introducing everyone to them.  If you would be interested in finding out what positions we have for the festival then shoot us an email at operations@secretcityimprovfest.com.  We are looking to build out our volunteer base and we would love to have you. Yeah you the one reading this. 

Let’s not forget that submissions are open. If you want to submit your troupe it is free to submit. You can do that right here. Also, if you would like to join us as a sponsor just like Explore Oak Ridge and Transolutions just click the link here. Please give us a like and a follow on all of the socials which you can find here, here, and here.  

Don’t forget we have a store, and you would look great in one of our snazzy shirts so check out the store here. Even snazzier is that until Monday everything in the store is 20% off.

I hope everyone has a great week. 

Now your turn to chat with us. This week leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite snacks to munch on when you go watch a movie?

Peace and love to you all!