Friday Festival Update 5/21/21

Happy Friday to all of the folks who view these updates about SCIF 2021. 

I must mention why there was no update last week. On Thursday I was sent a threatening email calling for the immediate removal of content claiming copyright infringement. All of the images you see used for our graphics I have paid for the licensed use of. However, in the interest of making sure I was not the victim of some sort of sham for stock image use I ran this by my legal representative. I was advised not to post an update until this was resolved. 

A few things happened. First, my provider is legit and my license for use is valid. The second, over the weekend I was sent a few more of the same letters into my email. The name was changed but the cut and paste job was not. Third, I was given the all clear to post again and resume how I was doing these updates.  So I apologize for the lack of an update a week ago.

Now on with the show!

In the last update I mentioned that I would begin laying out the plans of the Secret City Improv Festival. Here is the first of a few, so keep checking back in the following updates.

This is for solo performers and those who may be interested in performing together who do not regularly perform together.

Will there be a chance to perform without a group. Yes! 

Hey a few of us from this troupe who live a long way away want to perform with these folks who live so far away and we want to do a set together in a one off, can we maybe do that? Absolutely.

One of the beauties of Gatlinburg was the sense of family all of us felt meeting, hanging, and getting to know one another. So at SCIF we will have 2 stages of performances going on.

The pandemic was hard for everyone, and some troupes disbanded. That means there are folks who have the itch to perform and no place to perform. We here at the Secret City Improv Festival see you, and welcome you to come join us.

For those coming solo, you can perform in our main stage interstitial jams and if you would like you can also play in a one off troupe. Anyone is open to be drafted if they submit to the pool for one off teams. Those teams will be drawn the night before the festival and announced on a live video on September 23rd. 

So let’s get some real MOJO going on with our second stage. 

That is the first of many announcements about our festival.

We are still looking for a few great candidates to join our team. Click here to be taken to our volunteer opportunities page.

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That’s the update for this week. Peace and love to everyone!