Friday Festival Update 5/7/21

Happy Friday everyone!  It is a spectacularly gorgeous spring day here in East Tennessee.  The weather is warming up, and all looks great.  This is the type of weather we will have around the time of the Secret City Improv Festival.  It’s funny if you really think about it. The year is really a pyramid.  It starts cold then crescendos to a very hot point and then the decrescendo happens and back to cold.  However, the Secret City Improv Festival while it falls on the decrescendo part of the year it still happens as we are still nice and pleasant weather wise.  Plus let’s not forget that all of the color will be at the start of really giving the area a nice set change.  So don’t forget your camera to take it in.

I know I missed giving an update last week.  Sometimes life happens and I was not able to get the update in last week.  Things with the festival are progressing nicely.  We are getting interest from some instructors and groups about coming and joining us for the festivities.  I want to stress that yes there is a plan for performers who would like to come without a group.  Not only are there workshops being planned, but there are ways to find your way to the stage.  You can always go over to the Improv Network and apply to teach a workshop or come as a solo performer.  Just shoot us a submission from the submission page and note you would be solo, and if you would want to be considered to teach a workshop you can do that there too. 

In the coming weeks I will be using the Friday Festival Update to begin to detail more about the festival, and the events that will be happening. So stay tuned and check back in.  Also you can email us anytime to ask questions and feel free to give us a call or shoot us a text at 865-236-0090.  

Now what is new with the festival?

We are still looking for a few great candidates to join our team. Click here to be taken to our volunteer opportunities page.

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Get out and enjoy spring. Also happy mother’s day to all of the mothers out there. It isn’t an easy job, but it is worth it. We love you!  Peace and love.