Friday Festival Update 4/2/2021

As we enter the holiday weekend, may all of us at the Secret City Improv Festival, wish you and your family a nice Easter holiday. Happy Friday everyone!  Today marks the third week of these updates, and there are plenty more to come.  Today we are 175 days away from the festival.  Which is pretty exciting.  So today I want to talk about a couple of things.

The first topic today is of course the shirt in the photo.  I ordered the shirt from our store on March 26 with standard shipping.  It was in my mailbox on April 1st.  Ok do I sense irony that an improv comedy festival shirt arrived on April Fools Day.  Well yes, but I will digress in this instance and call coincidence.  The quality of the product is really great, and I really like how the shirt fits.  Not saying that because I want to sell shirts, I am saying that because I like the shirt.  So get your shirt, hat, sticker, buttons, or whatever right off our store. Click the link here to browse the store.

The second and most important for us is that we are looking for a few good people to join our team.  So I will be doing a second posting today that will highlight what we are looking for.  As I am just one person, there are a lot of things that need to be done to ensure the success of our festival.  So it is time assemble our full team.  You can click the link here to be taken to the Volunteer Opportunities page, and can easily apply to join the team from there.  You can also go under the Submissions tab at the top of the page and click on the Volunteer Opportunities link there.

Let’s not forget that submissions are open. If you want to submit your troupe it is free to submit. You can do that right here. Also, if you would like to join us as a sponsor just like Explore Oak Ridge and Transolutions have done just click the link here. If you want to support our mission then please donate to us and you can do that by clicking here. Please give us a like and a follow on all of the socials which you can find here, here, and here.

So I think that pretty much covers everything for today.  I think I am going to enjoy the weekend, and I hope you do too.  So before I get out of here, here is the question for the week: What is the Easter candy you most enjoy?

For me, I am really enjoying the Moser Roth Hazelnut and Chocolate Crème mini eggs and the Hazelnut Crunch eggs from Aldi.  Better hurry though as when they are gone they are gone, and they are tasty.  However, as a kid I was always thrilled to get anything Reese’s, KitKat or just chocolate in general.  So that’s mine, and now let’s hear yours.  

Peace and love to you all!