Friday Festival Update 4/9/21

Happy Friday everyone! I think it is safe to say that we are almost through the winter. Hopefully that can mean more than just the seasonal change.  As an improviser being hopeful is kind of part of the deal. The base of the philosophy of improv theater is to add and collaborate/contribute. That in and of itself is the basis of being hopeful or even positive. So that leads me to this. I paraphrase RuPaul: ‘How the hell is anyone going to love you if you don’t love yourself.’

Yes I can hear you now. What in the world does this have to do with the festival? This is a little bit of a word to our improv family. A reminder that a lot of improv is highly personal as it is hard to hide behind a character unlike say if you are in a play, movie or television. There are almost no props in this form of theater, no set changes that you can see, and most of all you don’t really get a costume change. So this form of theater is one where you are naked in a sense and even vulnerable. So this is one where you are very much exposed. So again a reminder to you, yes you, the one reading this. Take some time and get to know you. Take some time and get to love you. Take some time find the real truth of yourself. When you do this then you can not only become a happier person, but a better scene partner because you have developed a way to tap into honest emotion.

Again, who the hell is going to love you if you don’t love yourself.

Ok the thought has come and gone. Now what is new with the festival?

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With all of that out of the way. The question of the week: With me delivering a word about loving yourself and being positive please share something you love about yourself. (I promise this is not a humble brag thing. Let the positive vibes flow forth!)

Peace and love to you all. Have a great weekend…Cheers!