Friday Festival Update 4/16/2021

Happy Friday everyone. Today is April 16th, and it is beautiful Friday here in East Tennessee.  We are inching closer and closer to the 2021 Secret City Improv Festival.  As of today we are 161 days away from SCIF 2021.

As this update is both a way for me to let everyone know what is going on, it is also my sounding board for when I want to also talk about the artform.  So today I want to talk about honesty.  This week I went and met with the Oak Ridge High School Masquers, and next week I will be talking a lot about them.  However, I did get the chance to speak with the group, and I took a second to talk about improv as a life philosophy.  The basis of improv is based around ‘yes, and’.  I know I will take time to speak about ‘yes, and’ in the sense of adding and contributing, but today ‘yes, and’ has a lot teach us about honesty.  As an actor, we are playing a character.  In Improv that character changes scene to scene, game to game if you are short form, but there is one thing that is always stressed, honesty and playing honestly.  A classically trained actor has time to build a character from the ground up.  They have time to build the past, the moment captured in the presentation, and their future.  A well-prepared actor will have that for their character as they prepare for the role.  Why do they do that? To try to play the character honestly.  While a classically trained actor may get, days/weeks/months/years, to do this an improv actor gets…well seconds to maybe a minute to do that.  So really the best thing you can do is always be prepared to just be as honest as possible the second you hit the stage for an improv show.  So where does this come through as a life philosophy?  I am glad you asked that.  Honesty is the basis of so many moral codes.  It is an universal principal that carries through all of the world’s religions.  Seriously it is in everything even if the basis of that religion is in the honesty of self. However, find your religious or non-religious path in this life on your own. What matters is being honest.  In a scene that honesty is in reaction, or the acceptance of an offer from your partner.  In life honesty comes in the form of accountability or being comfortable enough with yourself to be direct with someone.  Honesty is being ok to handle whatever comes because you are honest.  That ultimately takes strength of character.  Which let’s be real for a second is something that not only will shine through on stage, but will shine through on the grandest stage of all and that is life.

Here’s the news on the front of the Secret City Improv Festival. I am very proud to report that we have expanded our team. It is my pleasure to introduce everyone to our Sponsorship Director, April Oakes. April brings a wealth of experience to our festival with her work on other small festivals like Bonaroo, Outside Lands, Hoopla, Byrd’s Creek and Maypop to name a few. She also brings experience working many different aspects of what it takes to bring a festival to life. April is also the owner of the Crossville, TN based Southern Oakes Events. We are very happy to have her on our team. If you have questions about sponsorship, or if you want to speak with her about becoming a sponsor please reach out to her at april@secretcityimprovfest.com.

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We wish you all peace and love!


Now your turn with this week’s question of the week.

This week I spoke about honesty. Honesty was a hit song for both Billy Joel and Garth Brooks. So tell us your favorite cover of a song by another artist.