Friday Festival Update 4/23/21

Happy Friday everyone. We are drawing even closer to the Secret City Improv Festival. Technically speaking we are 5 months out from this festival. I can tell you I am excited about this as we draw ever closer to it. 

So this week my improv thought has been centered around the Oak Ridge High School Masquers. 

Last week I got the pleasure to speak to the group, and got to watch their dress rehearsal and their show Atomic Acts. What is really neat about Atomic Acts is that is is a hybrid show/review.  What do I mean by hybrid show? It was not strictly an improv show, but was both an improv show and a series of scenes and skits from short plays. So it was a heck of a variety and really enjoyable. Those kids are talented.

I was also struck when I was informed that it was also the only show anyone was open to participate in. This is where my thought for this week lives.

Improv by it’s very nature is a tool a lot of people use to either dip their toes into getting stage experience. However, a lot of people use it as a means to build their confidence as a public speaker, or to overcome some form of social anxiety. These are both things that improv as a theater form do well. You can’t hide in this. You can’t just be around back working crew. You are going to be right in the thick of things. 

I love the fact they opened the show to anyone to participate. High school is hard, and I am sure there were kids in that show who never felt confident enough to audition. Take that pressure off, and you will find gold. Granted I know in a play you only have so many roles, but how many kids at that age just don’t feel like they can? No audition makes a big difference. 

What I love is that there are life lessons in improv that extend out of the theater. I also love that it became something accessible to the students easily. It’s important as they head for colleges, careers, and lives beyond their nest. 

I want to give big props to Amy Uptgraft, Mark Jennings, Terri Lloyd, and Vidal Moreno for doing that. 

In short and in life remember this, it is never about intention, but it is about the impact of the things you do. 

Ok the thought has come and gone. Now what is new with the festival?

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With all of that out of the way. The question of the week, and leave us a comment because we want to hear from you.  I love the power of positivity, and let’s face it we always need it. So tell me about something a teach taught you in school that was not related to their subject and was actually a real piece of wisdom you carry with you today?

For me it will always be Don Hendricks. You can only get better at something by surrounding yourself with people who do it better than you. You will learn and become better yourself by being around them. 

He was right. 

Peace and love to you all. Cheers!